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    How to improve your communication skills! - EngineersHub
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    5 years ago
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    Let's just address the fact that communication is one of the most important skills  for us.

    But, we often fail to communicate effectively and start feeling as an outcast in our society.

    Why is that we fear to speak properly in-front of others?

    Why is that we fear the language and it's speakers?

    Let's find out!

    First off, let's talk about the generic language English. We fear that our speaking skills are bad and fail to communicate fluently in english.

    In order to overcome this fear, all you need to do is to stop thinking about the person/people listening to you.

    Meaning, you should focus on content and how you deliver it rather than the mindset or thoughts of the audience.

    The famous "Log Kya Kahenge" syndrome should not be considered and you must understand that the person in-front of you is there to listen and to understand you and not to judge you.

    So, stop thinking about impressing him/her/them and focus on what and how to speak.

    Note: Incase of introducing yourself, please don't start with "Myself + (name)". It sounds as if you are a robot.

    Always, start with a greeting. It can be as simple as "Hi, I am Peter Parker."

    And in case of formal space, start with "Good (time of day), I am Peter Parker!"

    Speaking of introduction, whenever you are in an interview and are asked to tell something about yourself, please don't start with your name.

    Your name, qualification, hobbies, experience, address and phone number are always in the résumé. Please tell the employer about everything else which is not in your résumé.

    Example: Maybe you play guitar, tell them about it.

    And, speaking of employment, speak about your failures and what you truly learnt from it.

    It will not only make you self-aware but will also make you confident.

    And whenever, you speak in public or with friends, no matter what language it is, your understanding of content must be clear, you delivery must be clear and easy to understand.

    It doesn't matter if you speak slowly, but speak carefully and clearly.

    Speaking of communication skills, the reason why they matter the most is and also matter the least is because

    1.They help in expressing your thoughts, ideas, dreams and opinions to a fellow human.

    2. Your goal is to make them understand clearly and not to impress them.

    Understand the fact, that your goal is to tell your story and the goal of the audience is to understand. If you are able to cater to at least 70% of the audience and with continuous speaking, you'll master the skill of communication.

    Speaking of people who experience stage fear, remember that stage is just an elevated space. The people, the air, the vibe remain the same.

    It's your content  that matters!

    And how you deliver it will give you the result!

    - By Pratham Yogendra

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