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    JNTU HYDERABAD: Third spell of University exams shall be commencing from 12-11-2020 - EngineersHub
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    JNTU Hyderabad
    2 months ago
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    The Principals are informed to note that third spell of University exams shall be commencing from 12-11-2020 . This third spell semester examinations comprise of regular& supply examinations of all  I-II, II-II and III-II(even semesters)  of B.Tech. and B.Pharm. courses.

    The answer booklets shall be printed and packed based on the preferences which the students opted for. Hence, the change in the exam center shall not be entertained. With genuine reasons if Principals ask for the change of center of any student after the center allotment, for each semester-student combination, a penalty of Rs. 1,000/- shall be levied. For example, if a III-II semester student appears for I-II and II-II semester supply examinations, he/she needs to pay Rs 3000.

    Like in the first and second spell, in this spell also, the colleges are requested to extend their services to the autonomous colleges under JNTUH, for their students who desire to write the exam in your city /place. The colleges will be intimated about the allotted autonomous colleges as well as session-wise student’s count. Each Autonomous college shall pay test center charges @Rs.300 (minimum)for the first 15 candidates and Rs.20 per candidate per session, over and above. The same charges are applicable for the previous two spells of exams also if your college acted as a host college for any autonomous college. The autonomous colleges shall pay the amount directly to the respective host colleges. The principals are informed to share their bank account details with the autonomous colleges for transferring the amount.

    After the examination of each session, each autonomous college answer scripts must be separately bundled with rubber bands/ packed and all the autonomous college bundles/ packets must be packed into one big bundle. On this bundle, in bold letters “The Autonomous College Scripts” should be written. These answer scripts should not be mixed with University exams answer scripts.
                University sanctioned Rs.1 per candidate per session for sanitization thermal scanning other precautionary measures as per Covid-19 guidelines. The colleges have to strictly adhere to the Covid-19 norms. This is applicable to spell-1 and spell-2 exams also. This amount shall be deducted from the spell-3 DD report.

    The schedule for the collection of spell-3 exams stationary has been changed. A letter with revised dates shall be communicated on 29-10-2020.

    The Principals are informed to note the following additional instructions related to the conduct of  semester examinations commencing from 12-11-2020:

    1. The final allotment of the students to write the exams is already kept in the portal on 23-10-2020. The Principals are requested to make the seating plans as per that final lists only.
    2. Nominal rolls of the students shall be generated based on the final allotments only.
    3. The hall tickets of the students of your college (parent college) shall be kept in your college portal on or before 31-10-2020. Principals are requested to arrange to take the printouts of all the hall-tickets of the students. The scanned copies of the hall-tickets of the students (who opted to write their exam at the center other than Parent College) should be sent to respective students either by mail or WhatsApp or some other electronic mode after the signature (and duly stamped) of the Principal. These students should not be instructed to come to college for the collection of their respective hall-tickets. However, for the students who opted for their parent college as a test center, there is no change in procedure for the issue of the hall-tickets.
    4. The service for uploading internal marks of Mid-1 and Mid-2 will be enabled from 02-11-2020 to 05-11-2020, for details please refer to the letter mentioned in the reference.( EB/OLE/833 Dated on 05-10-2020.).
    5. All Regular as well as supply external lab examinations of all even and odd semester BTech & BPharm courses (I-I, II-I, III-I, IV-I, I-II, II-II, and III-II)  are to be conducted after spell-3 examinations. In the lines similar to the theory exams, the preferences of exam centers for writing the lab exams may be collected from the students. The service for uploading these center preferences will be available from 16-10-2020.

    - You can download the Official Notification here

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