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    JNTU HYDERABAD: Guidelines for conducting mid exams and external exams - EngineersHub
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    JNTU Hyderabad
    1 month ago
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    Guidelines for Conducting Mid Exams and External Exams 

    The Principals are informed to note that the lab examinations of final semester B.Pharm.course should be either conducted at the Parent College or the college which is in the neighborhood of residence of the student. In the lines similar to final semester theory exams, the preferences of the exam center for writing the lab exams may be collected from the students. These preferences may be uploaded to the University portal on or before 16-09-2020. The Pharmacy College may choose to conduct both the lab exams of the final semester B. Pharm. course on one single day (one exam in FN and one exam in AN) for each student to give comfort to the students. This examination should be from 28-09-2020 to 3-10-2020.

    The second mid-term examinations of final semester B.Tech. / B.Pharm / MBA shall be conducted either in the form of a viva exam or in the form of an online exam.

    If the college chooses to conduct the viva-exam mode, the following guidelines may be followed:

    a) Two faculty members should act as examiners for each subject.

    b) The viva-exam and the evaluation must be done candidate-wise. 

    c) Two examiners and one student must be in online mode at the same time.

    d) All the video proceedings must be recorded.

    e) Each examiner should ask a minimum of five questions for each student.

    f) If a student answers a question, to assess the depth of understanding a few ancillary questions on the same question may also be asked.

    g) The viva exam questions should asses the conceptual understanding of the subject and should be difficult to predict the questions by the student.

    h) The examiners should evaluate independently and submit their marks to the head of the dept. or the section/class in-charge. These marks are to be averaged to compute the marks of the Mid-II marks of each student.

    If the colleges choose to conduct the exams in the online mode, the colleges may choose to conduct the exams either in descriptive mode or objective mode. The application/platform to conduct the exam and mode of transfer of student answers/answer sheets need to be identified by the individual colleges only. 

    The B.Tech. / B.Pham. / MBA students who could not attend the project-viva exam due to internet connectivity problems shall be given an opportunity to appear for the project viva exam. The project viva exam for such students should be scheduled during 28-30 September 2020. All such registrations should be completed before 16-09-2020 through the online registrations portal.

    - You can download the Official Notification here

    General guidelines:

    With regard to the duration of exam and promotion to next year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the following guidelines may be noted in compliance of the UGC/TSSCHE guidelines:

    1) All the end-semester examinations shall be conducted for a duration of two hours. However, the maximum marks of external exams shall remain the same. The timings of semester examinations are 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the forenoon session and 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM in the afternoon session. The examinations of some branches shall be held in the forenoon session and other branches shall be held in the afternoon session. Please refer to the detailed timetables for more details.

    2) Due to the CET examinations, it is necessary to conduct the semester examinations on two Sundays (20-09-2020 and 27-09-2020).

    3) The pattern of the examination shall be “Five out of eight question pattern”. There shall be no compulsory section with short answer questions. The questions shall be set/moderated such that the students can comfortably answer each question within 20 minutes' time.

    4) There shall be no credit based detentions for the academic year 2020-21. This relaxation is applicable to all the regular students as well as to all the students who detained in previous academic years (and not attending the classes) due to a shortage of credits. However, every student has to pass the University exams for all the subjects whenever the exams are conducted to acquire the credits.

    5) The semester-end examinations shall be conducted at respective parent colleges only. There will be no shuffling of the students from Parent College to host college. However, for the colleges which have applied for progressive closure and the colleges where the number of students enrolled for the examinations is less than a specified threshold, one of the nearby colleges shall be identified for their students to write the semester examinations.

    6) If any student is unable to attend the IV B.Tech. / B.Pharm. II semester exams due to mobility restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, such students can appear for the advanced supply exams which shall be scheduled within two months after the conduct of regular B.Tech. / B.Pharm. II semester exams. It will be not treated as supplementary exams for those students who do not appear for even a single exam.

    - You can download the Official Notification here

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