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Features from EngineersHub which are coming soon & Know about EngineersHub


First of all we thank you all for showing your support and love for us to grow and we are trying hard to serve you as better as possible.

We would also like to let you all know that we know you are very much in need of Question Papers, Mid Papers, Materials, Text Books, PPT's and Project Documentations. As EngineersHub Starting its new journey, we might take some time for it to provide all those but we are happy to share that all those things will be available with EngineersHub very soon.

What Coming Soon ??

Online Features

  1. Virtual Tour to Colleges
  2. Question Papers
  3. Mid Papers
  4. Materials
  5. Text Books
  6. Project Guides
  7. PPT's
  8. Academic Profiles for each student
  9. Mock Tests Like GRE, TOEFL, GATE, and manymore

Offline Features

  1. Collaboration with different colleges
  2. LEEE (Learn, Explore, Experience & Excel) Club in Colleges
  3. Workshops
  4. Free Technical Sessions & Events
  5. Projects in colleges
  6. Building Entrepreneur skills
  7. Cultural Activities

Why Ads ??

Our only income to pay for EngineersHub Servers is placing ads on site, We request all of you to please unblock EngineersHub from Ad blocker if any, Thank you.

EngineersHub is not linked with any universities and colleges officially, We provide information from the sources we have and we do not guarantee or assure the information placed on EngineersHub is accurate. But we try our level best to give you the accurate information. Thank you.

Hope you like the NEW Fast and Blazing EngineersHub .

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